Azuri Technologies

Collaboration on a series of articles about solar-fintech

In his thought leadership capacity Tedd is collaborating with Simon Bransfield-Garth, founder and CEO of Azuri Technologies, to produce a series of articles on how the combination of solar tech and fintech is producing transformational changes.

The first article examines how the next generation of solar power, coupled with fintech, is connecting Africa‚Äôs vast off-grid communities. The second article looks at how COVID-19 is turbo-charging Africa’s digitalisation and how solar fintech will play a key role in powering the new digital economy. Future articles will look at how solar-fintech is impacting the environment and what policy implications the technology raises for African governments as they develop their energy strategy.

Writing these articles is a rich process, involving brainstorms, exchange of drafts, honing of ideas and melding the different viewpoints into a coherent and engaging narrative. This kind of work is what being a Chief Narrative Officer is all about. 

Coverage in The Guardian, 21 January 2020