Sustainability & ESG

Kleos’s work is increasingly focused on sustainability and ESG, helping clients understand and manage the impacts

Since its earliest days, Kleos Advisory has been involved in sustainability. Tightening Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) standards mean that running a sustainable business is no longer a ‘nice to have’. It is becoming a regulatory requirement.

This means companies and institutions need to understand how sustainability issues impact their operations and those of the companies and partners they work with, and develop effective ways to track and assess the sustainability impacts they cause. This requires a different approach to operations and risk management, and many companies have yet to fully consider the ESG implications for their business.

In order to address this knowledge gap, Kleos Advisory works with its partner, WeESG, to develop and deliver training for professionals in the financial, commodities and services sectors. The training focuses on managing ESG risks and impacts, the evolving regulatory landscape and the transition to sustainable business models.

Professional training on ESG & sustainability

Tedd delivers public and private trainings through WeESG’s distribution partners, Intuition, GTR and Redcliffe Training, and participates in workshops for WeESG’s clients, for example the annual Deloitte ESG Bootcamp.

Tedd currently delivers training on:

  • ESG & Sustainable Finance
  • Financial materiality of ESG
  • Physical and transition risk (with a focus on climate)
  • Renewable Energy Finance
  • Integrating ESG risk into commodity trade finance

If you are interested in learning more about any of these training courses, please get in touch by clicking the Contact banner. Courses can be adapted to your team’s level of knowledge and business focus, and delivery can be in person or online.

Supply Chain Integrity

As part of its ESG work, Kleos Advisory has developed a service with its partner, Africa Integrity: Supply Chain Integrity Monitoring Services (SCIMS). 

SCIMS is designed to help companies operating in African markets identify the ESG threats in their supply chain, assess where they are vulnerable and manage ESG risks going forward. SCIMS provides a snapshot of ESG risk in your supply chain, using our proprietary model, with the option for us to carry out regular monitoring of your supply chain, make discreet on-the-ground investigations (where required), develop strategic recommendations & deliver anti-corruption training.

Click here for an outline of the service.